Worlds End no Niwa
Worlds End no Niwa

Worlds End no Niwa

Other Name: ワールズエンドの庭; World's End Garden;

Status: Ongoing

Author: Motteke

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

“Use me as much as you want as if you’re doing it by yourself…” Mutou, a university student, just started to live alone for the first time. In his new place, he met his next door neighbor, Uematsu, a translator living in a really old house haunted by the past. In a time where flowers are in full bloom in spring, Mutou begin to feel happiness and attraction from spending time together with Uematsu on his porch. However, Mutou came to hear that Uematsu had someone important that he can't forget... Will Uematsu be able to open up to Mutou at the end? A slow brewing sweet romance begins now!

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