Tsukimi no Soba
Tsukimi no Soba

Tsukimi no Soba

Other Name: ツキミのソãƒ

Status: Completed

Author: Ogura Yuuya

Year of release: 2015

Plot Summary:

I wanted to see you” are the words Kasugai Tenka wants to hear from a girl more than anything. And when the high school student hears it from Tsukimi, a girl literally out of this world, his life is about to get crazy. Tsukimi was a war general on the Moon, but she was exiled for the destruction she caused and her memory is wiped clean and shes changed into a bunny. She reminds Tenka that years ago, he fed her soba from his dad’s soba shop and that now that shes gained human form and her powers back, she wants him to be hers. A Oneshot published in Weekly Shounen Jump.

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