Tokusatsu Gagaga
Tokusatsu Gagaga

Tokusatsu Gagaga

Other Name: トクサツガガガ;

Status: Ongoing

Author: Tanba Niwa

Genre: Seinen

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

Nakamura Kano is an OL (office lady) with a secret… she’s a “Toku Otaku,” a tokusatsu otaku who is obsessed with live action dramas of heroes, monsters and robots. She thinks they’re “JUST TOO COOL!” She’s so obsessed that she skips out on drinking with colleagues to watch it on TV and collects the DVDs, books and figurines. She lives her life by the code of the tokusatsu heroes, and constantly imagines them to help her through difficult situations. But this isn’t easy when all of her co-workers think that people who like anime and other childish things are weird, and they keep trying to make her socialize.

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