Tiger & Bunny - The Comic
Tiger & Bunny - The Comic

Tiger & Bunny - The Comic

Other Name: Tiger and Bunny; Tiger & Bunny the Comic; TIGER&BUNNY THE COMIC; Tiger & Bunny (UEDA Hiroshi)

Status: Ongoing

Author: Yoshida Erika

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

The Metropolis Sternbild is protected by people with special abilities, the NEXT. Most of them work as the defenders of peace known as heroes, commercialized crime fighters who are promoted and rated by the media. Among them are veteran hero Kaburagi T. Kotetsu, called Wild Tiger, and rookie Barnaby J. Brooks who's been nicknamed Bunny by his partner, much to the latter's chagrin. The unlikely

Chapter - Tiger & Bunny - The Comic
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