Other Name: ポジ; メシアの凶日; メシアの選択; 宇宙のもずく; Henai Fumou-hen (変愛 不毛変); Messiah no Kyojitsu; Messiah no Sentaku; Messiah

Status: Ongoing

Author: Harada

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

- Messiah series (2 Parts): Sequel to Messiah no Yakubi from Henai. The ugly dowdy dude who took away Messiah's anal virginity returns. Messiah no Kyōjitsu (メシアの凶日) - Messiah's Unlucky Day Messiah no Sentaku (メシアの選択) - Messiah's Choice - Henai series (1 Part) Third instalment about the couple featured in Henai: Maotokohen from Yajirushi and Henai from Henai Henai Fumou-hen (変愛 不毛変) - Uchuu no Mozuku (3 Parts): One serious problem occurred in a long-term space sojourn. The soldiers were frustrated! Several measures were taken, but.... Uchuu no Mozuku (宇宙のもずく) Uchuu no Mozuku! (宇宙のもずく!) Uchuu no Mozuku!! (宇宙のもずく!!) Paired with Nega

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