Phryne Magazine
Phryne Magazine

Phryne Magazine

Other Name: Let's Return To The Forest; Community News; P=NP?; Ririka and Chihiro's Exciting Life

Status: Ongoing

Author: Nemoto Yue, Saitou Emi, Taroh Amaguri, Momo Otokuni

Year of release: 2015

Plot Summary:

Phryne was a lesbian magazine that only lasted for two issues (one came out in June 1995, the other in November 1995). It contained articles, short stories, manga, essays, and the like. We'll be scanlating the manga from the first issue. Two manga from Phryne are commercially available from ALC Publishing: "My Sister's Wedding" (printed in Works) and Rica 'tte Kanji! "Let's Return to the Forest," by Nemoto Yue, is a nearly textless manga about a pair of girls having a picnic in a forest. "Community News," by Saitou Emi and the Heisei Community Committee, is a 4-panel manga strip. In "P=NP?," by Taroh Amaguri, Eriko wonders if Shino is just going out with her so that Eriko will do her homework for her. "Ririka and Chihiro's Exciting Life," by Otokuni Momo, is another 4-panel manga strip.

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