Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts

Other Name: パンドラハーツ; 潘朵拉之心; Pandora Haatsu; Corazones de Pandora; I Cuori di Pandora

Status: Ongoing

Author: Mochizuki Jun ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Oz Vessalius is about to turn fifteen, and as the heir to a prestigious family, he must undergo a coming-of-age ceremony. However, during the ceremony Ozs carefree life changes forever — hes attacked by a group of mysterious people in red cloaks, and they tell him that his very existence is a sin and for that he must be cast into the prison of the Abyss. But B-Rabbit, one of the Abysss Chains, comes to save Oz. She tells him her name is Alice, and in order to break free from the Abyss, he makes a contract with her. Once back in his world, Oz is approached by the organization Pandora, and he becomes caught up in the mysteries that surround them. With the power of B-Rabbit on his side, Oz begins his quest to find out the truth. Why was his existence such a sin that he had to be sent to the Abyss? Why has Alice lost her memories? What happened one hundred years ago when a whole town was dragged into the Abyss? There are many questions unfolding around him, and Oz will have to act qu

Chapter - Pandora Hearts
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