Numa, Kurayama, Yoru No Mori
Numa, Kurayama, Yoru No Mori

Numa, Kurayama, Yoru No Mori

Other Name: 沼、暗闇、夜の森

Status: Ongoing

Author: Sakamoto Mano

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

collection of seven short stories, three of which were specially drawn for the tankoubon release: • Mashoujo (???) A bittersweet story about a sensible teacher and delinquent student and the difference between romantic feelings and love. • Short Hair no Niau Hito (????????????) The main character goes on a trip to Northern Europe with her friend and the senior she had a crush on in high school. Her love was never requited, but even now, she still has not forgotten her feelings for her... • Sekai no Owari to Keiko to Fuuko (??????????????) A story of jealousy and the desire to monopolise. • Numa, Kurayama, Yoru no Mori (????????) Kiko can see ghosts, and much prefers communicating with them than with real people, but has a crush on a living girl, Isotani. • Suwako-san to Date (?????????) - bonus A side story linked to the main couple from Suwako-san to Uchuu Ryouko, a one-shot recorded in Sakamoto Mano's previous Yuri Hime collection, Pai o Agemasho, Anata ni Pai o ne . • Shitagi Doori (????) - bonus A light-hearted comedy about people not being able to pass unless dressed only in their underwear. But for some reason, the main couple have forgotten to put their bras on...?! • Kenka (???) - bonus A lesbian couple quarrel by attacking each other with phallic objects.

Chapter - Numa, Kurayama, Yoru No Mori
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