Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

Other Name:

Status: Ongoing

Author: Shoowa

Genre: Sci-Fi Yaoi

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

Modoru, who works at a doll maintenance factory, has always admired his co-worker Susumu's courteous work on the dolls. One day, while only the two of them are working, Modoru is caught up by how kindly Susumu's fingers move. Noticing it, Susumu mumbles 'I want to do this to a living body', which leaves Modoru with a tingling feeling in his heart. Others include, helping a love-crazed best friend with sex, Urasuji Tarou, who saves a beautiful male turtle, a no-good man struggling to get a straight guy's attention, Hinoyama's physical education, etc.

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