My Brother in Spirit
My Brother in Spirit

My Brother in Spirit

Other Name: My Saiyan Family Ghost Vegetable;

Status: Ongoing

Author: Vivi

Year of release: 2017

Plot Summary:

In a move designed to try, and reform the infamous Saiyan Assassin into a good person, Enma-ou bonds Raditz's spirit to that of his pure hearted his brother, Son Goku. Now, with just one year until Nappa and Vejita's imminent arrival on Earth, the two have been tasked with traveling along The Great Snake Way, and seeking the tutelage of Kaio-sama, in order to grow stronger to face the looming Saiyan threat. Will Raditz reform? Will poor Goku make it out with his heart unblemished? And most importantly: Will these two ever learn to get along??

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