Mahoromi - Jikuu Kenchiku Genshitan
Mahoromi - Jikuu Kenchiku Genshitan

Mahoromi - Jikuu Kenchiku Genshitan

Other Name: Ahoromi,Mahoromi,Mahoromi - Jikuu Kensetsu Genshitan,

Status: Ongoing

Author: TOUME Kei

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

Niwa, a college student of architecture, is moving into his deceased grandfather's house. He didn't know the man very well, but the house is conveniently close to school, and his grandfather was actually the architect who designed it. There's something unsettling about the house, though, and while he's wandering around, Niwa finds a mysterious old photograph of some girl who isn't his grandmother. Later, he goes along with his friend Akira to take drawings of another old house that's going to be demolished. As he meanders through this old house, he has a somewhat supernatural and startling experience. Are these feelings and occurrences a result of the souls of the buildings themselves, as Akira suggests? Or is there some even deeper mystery to Niwa's uncanny experiences?

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