Lovers in 1K Apartment
Lovers in 1K Apartment

Lovers in 1K Apartment

Other Name: 1K Apartment no Koi ; Love in a 1k Apartment ; Love in a Small Apartment ; Lovers Flat ; Stories of Love in 1k Apartment

Status: Completed

Author: Fujiyama Hyouta

Year of release: 2015

Plot Summary:

Room 202 - Kouno Natsu was Kouno first friend whom he got along after he changed schools. It is said that Natsu toys with his gullible friends and talks with all of the girls. Naturally he has no clue that Kouno wants to embrace him as his love. Until that Christmas day.... Room 203 - Kei & Naomichi At best Naomichi has been living 18 years, but has experienced various things in life. For example, the gasping voice of men that can be heard from the room next door (means Kouno & Natsu (^-^)). At the same time, his childhood friend and roommate, Kei, confessed to him. 1Kアパートの恋

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