Kimi to Asa Gohan!
Kimi to Asa Gohan!

Kimi to Asa Gohan!

Other Name: 君と朝ごはん!; 跟你一起吃早餐!; Let's Eat Breakfast!

Status: Ongoing

Author: Kuwabara Yuko

Year of release: 2017

Plot Summary:

One night, on his way home, Kuranosuke encountered his childhood friend, Kazushi Natsui who asked him, "Would you become a mother of a little boy?" Kuranosuke realized through his ​​insecurity, that the past was no longer buried and distant as he had thought. The fact that Kazushi, his first love, marrying and having a child was something that he could have never imagined. Kuranosuke did not consider the possibility of forming a family at that time, but to help the smart Wakaba, he eventually accepted Kazushi into his life again. However, Kuranosuke couldn't imagine that he meant much more to Kazushi than just as a mother to Wakaba.

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