Ikujinashi no Spectator
Ikujinashi no Spectator

Ikujinashi no Spectator

Other Name: The Spineless Spectator; The Spineless Spectator and Other Stories

Status: Ongoing

Author: Yamamoto Ataru

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

“This belongs to me now, so don’t go touching it.” The plain and unattractive Fushimi has always been concerned about Totori, the arrogant honour student with many enemies. However, he despairs at the fact Totori can’t even remember his name. As he was planning his revenge, he’s beaten to the punch by Asahina, the infamous school bully…?! The outsider who came late can only watch on– and an unusual love triangle unveils. Also included is “Ijimete Usagi-kun”, a story about a sadistic rabbit and masochistic delinquent.

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