Ichimai Goshi Fetish
Ichimai Goshi Fetish

Ichimai Goshi Fetish

Other Name:

Status: Ongoing

Author: Yamasaki Uni

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

For certain reasons, Kuroe from the computer arts department at Mishima School of Design, has gone to Kishima from the fashion department to commission a costume for cosplay. However, the commission fee is 100,000 yen too expensive, putting Kuroe in a pickle. But Kishima says that he'll waive the fee if Kuroe will become his model. Thinking that it's such a sweet deal, Kuroe unknowingly agrees, but the outfit he is modeling turns out to be a full-body skinsuit. This is the start of a mutually beneficial battle full of faint beatings of the heart.

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