Haru ni Kaeru
Haru ni Kaeru

Haru ni Kaeru

Other Name: 春に孵る春之孕育13th Night Moon Magic LanternA Natural EndingBefore and After a DreamJyuusanya GentouWe Awake in Springtime

Status: Ongoing

Author: KUNIEDA Saika

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

Collection of stories: 1. Haru ni Kaeru 2. Touzen no Ketsumatsu (A Natural Ending)What is the boundary of co-worker's and love? Shirakawa Ryo wants to know, and asks Murai Shigeru to test it with him. Problem is... can Murai go through with it?3. Juusan ya Gentou (13th Night Moon Magic Lantern)We are brought to the crossroads between life and death, where the red spider lilies grow, and a gorgeous man waits eternally for love. It's a story about how you're never happy with what you have until you lose it all. (Horror/violence/tragedy/sex/suicide)4. Kase, Arui wa Soku Baku 5. Yume no Atosaki (Before and After a Dream)What if you suddenly died, and an angel offers you ONE wish? What would you wish for? Takeshi is going to get his wish granted... but maybe not the way he thinks.6. Te no Hira no Ue7. On the Palm of Your HandIt`s an extra for Mimitabu no Riyuu. (Comedy)

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