Daiichi Souko Nite
Daiichi Souko Nite

Daiichi Souko Nite

Other Name: 第一倉庫にて; Dai Ichi Souko Nite; Danshou no Koi (Toube);

Status: Completed

Author: Toube

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

"Dai Ichi Souko Nite" also in Fukumen DanshiBoys In the darkness lusting for pleasure.- "Yumeko ni Naritai"- "Danshou no Koi" also in Sexy Call BoyA true love that unfolds in a brothel.- "Hateshinai ao" also in Lock Up Boy?On the departing day, only a promise was left.?- "Ayumi" also in Bouzu Love

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