Black Yagi To Gekiyaku Madeleine
Black Yagi To Gekiyaku Madeleine

Black Yagi To Gekiyaku Madeleine

Other Name: ブラックヤギーと劇薬まどれーぬ; Backwards Cinderella; Midnight Gravity; Yuugure, Orenji, Saku Hana wa

Status: Ongoing

Author: Oosawa Yayoi

Year of release: 2016

Plot Summary:

A collection of stories about heartwarming romance between beautiful young girls. Breakups, make-ups, confessions, and kisses. 1. Sotsugyou Kinshi 2. Black Yagi to Gekiyaku Madeleine 3. Sakashima Cinderella (Backwards Cinderella) 4. Mayonaka Gravity (Midnight Gravity) Sayumi and Jun have been together since high school. Now that Jun is in college and Sayumi is working, it's hard for them to find time to spend together. As Sayumi grows increasingly suspicious and demanding, Jun struggles to placate her, but their relationship is gradually falling apart... 5. Yuugure, Orange, Saku Hana wa (Dusk, Orange, the Blooming Flowers) Megumi is rumored to have a thing for girls and, shunned by most of the school, has become something of a quiet outcast. One day, though, she catches the attention of Asuka, star of the girl's basketball team. As they become friends, Asuka is astonished to find another feeling blossoming within her heart... 6. Gekiyaku Madeleine to Black Yagi +

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