Zig X Zag
Zig X Zag

Zig X Zag

Other Name: ZIG√óZAG

Status: Completed

Author: Yasunaga Kei

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

In an attempt to see her dad again, Yuuki and her brother Hiroaki decide to make a championship baseball team (Their dad is a big baseball fan apparently). Iria, the new transfer student (BISHIE ALERT), who is a total oddball has star pitching potential. Yuuki forces him to join her team picking up others as they go along. [This is a joint project (code name "Shoujo Sex Fiends Love Christmas"wink with seven other groups: DGT, ShoujoMagic, MegKF, Shounen Chefs & Ichigo Cooks, Hush, Eden, and Endless Dimension. Each volume comprise of 4 chapters...]

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