Zense to Gense to Kimi to Ore
Zense to Gense to Kimi to Ore

Zense to Gense to Kimi to Ore

Other Name: 前世と現世と君と俺 ; Our Previous Existence ; Our Previous Existence, This World, You and Me ; You In My Jewelled Mirror ; Zenseto Genseto Kimito Ore

Status: Completed

Author: Mizukami Shin

Genre: Drama Fantasy Yaoi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

He stopped in a local coffee shop to get out of the rain. When high school student Takashi met the beautiful shopkeeper Isao, it was love at first sight. When one of the regular customers, a fortune teller, comes in, Takashi gets a fortune from his previous life and a time skip back to Ancient Egypt! What awaits him there is a love triangle that transcends time and space. Also contains additional story You In My Jeweled Mirror: After being abandoned by his parents, a young boy meets a mysterious man, a fox god who will take care of him, if the boy will pray to his shrine... - Datenshi Blue

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