Zenryousei Ginsei Gakuen Monogatari
Zenryousei Ginsei Gakuen Monogatari

Zenryousei Ginsei Gakuen Monogatari

Other Name: 全寮制銀星学園物語 ; Ginseigakuen Boarding School ; The Story of Ginsei Gakuen boarding school

Status: Completed

Author: Chitose Piyoko

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Matsushiro Atsuya is from a very wealthy family. In order to prevent his childhood friend Kyousuke from moving away, Kyousuke was appointed as his servant. However, now theyre in high school. Atsuya may be falling for Kyousuke, but it may be a one-sided love. 3) Timid student Miyako Yousuke is being followed by fellow student Ayusawa Takashi, who says, "Please let me hold you!" Is he a crazy pervert? 4) Security guard Kurafuji is scared of ghosts, so patrolling the dark hallways of Ginseigakuen Boarding School is a test of courage! But he can always count on the bright lights of the art room and Ooga-Sensei to be waiting for him. 5) Shiro didnt expect to spend his summer vacation helping his father broker a deal with a small desert country. But Prince Remul only wants one thing: Shiro. 6) Extra about Atsuya and Kyousuke.

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