Zenbu Hajimete
Zenbu Hajimete

Zenbu Hajimete

Other Name: ぜんぶ、はじめて。; 第一次的爱人; 전부 처음이야; A New Beginning, First Part; Baby Magic; Sakura Yuki (MITSUKI Kako); Zenbu Hajimete

Status: Completed

Author: Mitsuki Kako ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Zenbu, Hajimete Because of a job transfer, Ookawa transfers to Shirakiran academy for girls. At this Academy she runs into a university student who used to live in her neighborhood 4 years ago, and is now a teacher at her school. A sweet teacher-student love story ensues. Contains two extra stories: • Sakura Yuki Maria attends an all girls school, but she acts like a tomboy. For example, she climbs trees and is quite energetic. One day, she falls from a cherry blossom tree only to be caught by a boy. When she fell, their lips touched. Is this love? • Baby Magic Ogawa Chinatsu first received a confession from Wada Shouhei, her little brothers friend, when she was in sixth grade. Although two years younger, it hasnt stopped Shouhei from confessing. Now, both of them are in high school, and he continues to confess using a cotton ear swab as his magic wand. Related Series Tsuki no Waltz (Sequel)

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