Zantei, Koibito
Zantei, Koibito

Zantei, Koibito

Other Name: 暫定、恋人 ; Tentatively Lovers

Status: Completed

Author: Akiba Touko

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Contains 3 short stories :- Story 1 - Theyd been drunk. Or more specifically, his boss had been drunk. So when Sakamoto jumped him, Kurahashi just went along with it. After all, it was just the alcohol...right? Wrong! At least, thats what his boss thinks...and said boss doesnt have a problem trying out a relationship with a colleague he thinks is in love with him. Unable to gainsay him, Kurahashi is dragged into a relationship he never asked for - and finds himself getting deeper than he ever imagined. Story 2 - Two childhood friends who abruptly drifted apart years ago are reunited. One of them is now a Buddhist monk...what does his friend feel about this? Story 3 - The shy, reclusive, bespectacled Egawa confessed to Aoki on high-school graduation day...and was politely turned down. The two unexpectedly re-unite in university; and to Aokis surprise, Egawa has become a completely different person who is very popular with the girls! But why does this cause strange, conflictin

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