Other Name: 鬼頭莫宏短編集 残暑 ; 鬼頭莫宏短編集「残暑」 ; Kitoh Mohiro tanpenshû - Zansho ; Mihiro Kitohs Short Stories ; Mohiro Kitohs Short Stories - Zansho ; Pochis Place

Status: Completed

Author: Kitoh Mohiro

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

From Mohiro Kitoh, the author of Narutaru and Bokurano, comes this wonderful collection of short stories that reinforces his reputation as a skillful story teller. Spanning almost 20 years of the artist’s career—from his professional debut work Zansho to his latest contribution to IKKI magazine Pochi no basho—this collected volume offers a unique view of Kitoh’s artistic development. Included are such stories like Pochis Place.

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