Zankoku Yuugi
Zankoku Yuugi

Zankoku Yuugi

Other Name: 残酷遊戯 ; Cruel Game ; Zankoku Yugi

Status: Completed

Author: Koide Mieko

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Story 1: Suou Hatasu is a nice guy with a pretty normal life. Like most college students, hes living alone in a little shoebox apartment and commutes on-foot. In spite of his financial limitations, hes fairly satified with his life: hes got a good friend, a cute girlfriend and is just starting his first student-teaching job at an area high school. Things only seem to be getting better for him when one of his students, handsome and fabulously wealthy Harashima Daichi, seems to take a shine to him. Immediately feeling welcomed to his new school, Suou couldnt really ask for more. Until his new "buddy" Harashima suddenly turns on him in a deserted hallway and vows to make Suou "his property". Can money really buy love? Harashima certainly seems to think so... Story 2: Three childhood friends, Yoshito, Sei and Daisuke, come to a crossroads in their relationship when Yoshito announces hes getting married. Seis composure crumbles and he admits to having loved Yoshito since Middle Sch

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