Other Name: 懺悔; A Confession of his Own Guilty

Status: Completed

Author: UIDA Shiuko ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

1) A Confession of his Own Guilty Story of a high-school student who was sexually assaulted when young, and grew up to be openly homosexual. He always tries to antagonise a teacher whom he doesnt see eye to eye... 2) Risky A university student moves into his brothers apartment in the city but has yet to see his sibling, but the brothers friend just wouldnt stop hanging around. 3) Kimi Sae Oreba... This story is the beginning to one of her book Kimi Sae Ireba... (chapter 1-3). A man marries his supervisors daughter and she passes away soon after. The supervisor tries to get him to remarry. 4) Kyoushi B A teacher chances upon a teacher-student relationship.

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