Yume Mita Shuumatsu
Yume Mita Shuumatsu

Yume Mita Shuumatsu

Other Name: 周末爱作梦; 夢みた週末; Le week-end lorsque jai rêvé (French); The Weekend When I Dreamed; Weekend Of Dreams; Yumemita Shuumatsu

Status: Ongoing

Author: ISINO Aya ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

It started out as a way to prepare for a future lover. Too long denied a flesh and blood companion, his substitute—a teddy bear—is now his love object. What happens when a persistent, excessively cheerful neighbor consumes his serious, carefully ordered life? An explosion of hurtful, panicked words. Stepping back into his quiet life, he can’t avoid what his insufferable neighbor left behind: cracks that expose his festering loneliness. Only one person can fill those cracks, but he’s disappeared. WEEKEND OF DREAMS: With her brutally honest, trembling line art, isino aya creates a companion collection to Sink into You. Love and acceptance, joy and sorrow, desire and disgust: they move beyond simple shapes in black and white.

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