Yozakura Quartet
Yozakura Quartet

Yozakura Quartet

Other Name: ヨザクラカルテット; 夜桜四重奏 (ヨザクラカルテット); 夜櫻四重奏; Nighttime Cherry Blossom Quartet; Quartet of Cherry Blossoms in the Night; Yozakura Shijuusou

Status: Ongoing

Author: Yasuda Suzuhito ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Akina, Hime, Kotoha, and Ao are four members of the Hiizumi Seikatsu Soudan Jimusho (Hiizumis Everyday-life Consultation Office), which, in addition to helping kindergarteners deal with tough times, strives to preserve the peace of their little town, Sakurashin, by hunting down the troublemakers who dare threaten it.

Chapter - Yozakura Quartet
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