Yokubou no Shizuku
Yokubou no Shizuku

Yokubou no Shizuku

Other Name: 欲望のしずく ; Droplets of Desire

Status: Completed

Author: Higashino Yuu

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Chapter 1-4: Droplets of Desire ~ Pg. 8-156 “I’ll drown you in ecstasy—“ promised the dangerously charismatic and sexy infirmary doctor, Kokuyo, as he took Yuzuru’s body! Unable to resist or escape, Yuzuru thought he’s afraid of Kokuyo… until he was embraced by him… To Yuzuru’s surprise, it reminded him ofthe affection he used to experienced as a child…!? (From Fantasyshrine) Chapter 5: Droplets of Desire ~ Pg. 159-174 About Shirogane and Okamoto Chapter 6: Shirogane x Okamoto JEALOUSY ~ Pg. 177-178 Chapter 7: Shirogane x Okamoto PROPOSAL ~ Pg. 179 Chapter 8: Epilogue ~ Pg 181-184

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