Wild Act!
Wild Act!

Wild Act!

Other Name: Wild Angel ; WILD☆ACT

Status: Completed

Author: Takada Rie

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Yuniko Sakuraba isnt your ordinary 15 year old girl. She is a die hard fan of the late actor Akira Nanae and she became a thief in an effort to recover and collect Akiras stolen memorabilias. She then encounters, the 17 year old actor Ryu Eba who has been labeled as the New Nanae. She tries to steal his award which formerly belonged to Akira but is discovered. On the other hand, Ryu seems taken by the unique girl and offers to give her the award if she can steal it again. On the other hand, mystery surrounds Yunikos past as she finds out that her mother, a former actress and who she hasnt seen because of her mothers illness has actually an amnesia and Akiras death has something to do with it! The story follows fun and hilarious adventures Yuniko and Ryu make as they steal Akiras other memorabilias in an effort to jog the memory of Yunikos mother. Romance develops, secrets are uncovered and mayhem ensues. They will find that being famous isnt easy, jealousy is a trouble maker and

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