Warui Ko Demo Ii?
Warui Ko Demo Ii?

Warui Ko Demo Ii?

Other Name: 恶作剧系列A2; 悪いコでもイイ?; 想做坏事系列; 愛上壞壞的男孩; 爱上坏坏的男孩; Im a Bad Kid, but Thats Okay Isnt It?; Soy un chico malo, pero esto esta bien, no es así? (Spanish); Tendre Voyou 2 (French); Waruiko Demo Ii?

Status: Completed

Author: Sakuraga Mei

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

After ups and downs and lots of deep things went between, now the delinquent Towa Aikawa is a very "deeply involved friend" of the Student Council President, Mikado Shirahane. But when Towa visits Mikados house for the very first time, Mikados elder brother thought he was Mikados sex-friend... List of Warui Series: Vol 1 Warui Koto Shitai [1-1] Vol 2 Warui ko Demo Ii? [1-2] Vol 3 Kirai ja nai Kedo [2-1] Vol 4 Koi Ja nai Kedo [2-2] --- Warui Koto Bakkashite Gomennasai [1-3 &/ 2-3] Vol 5 Warui Yatsu Demo Ii [1-4] Vol 6 Mujihi na Otoko [3-1] Vol 7 Warui Koibito ja Dame? [1-5] Vol 8 Kare ja nai kedo [2-4] Vol 9 Mujihi na Anata [3-2] Vol 10 Sunao ja nai Kedo [2-5]

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