Ware wa Ken-ou!!
Ware wa Ken-ou!!

Ware wa Ken-ou!!

Other Name: われは剣王っ!!; われは剣王っ!!; Ware wa Ken-Ō!!; Ware wa Ken-oh!!

Status: Ongoing

Author: SHIBAMURA Yuuri , Shirotsumekusa ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Yoshiaki is entering a school that is famous for its fights and violence. He chose to go there for just that reason, and he intends to be the strongest one there. When he first arrives, he helps out a girl called Homura, who is being picked on by some guys. When she asks him to be her "sword" afterward, Yoshiaki doesnt know how to respond. Apparently, students of the school team up in pairs; a "sword" and a "master". Others advise him not to associate with the girl, who is a "Rank F", as she probably wont live very long. However, Yoshiake is not thrilled with the idea of abandoning her to die.

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