Uragiri no Butoukai
Uragiri no Butoukai

Uragiri no Butoukai

Other Name: 裏切りの舞踏会 ; Claiming His Pregnant Wife

Status: Completed

Author: Kim Lawrence

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

When Francesco Romanelli met Erin Foyle, they were married within days--but it took just a month for their marriage to fall apart-- Believing her husband to be nothing more than a cheat, Erin starts divorce proceedings. But though she wont be Francescos wife, she will never be free of him--she is pregnant with his child. Francesco discovers Erin is pregnant-- how dare she keep it from him? If he has his way, the divorce will never happen. Hes on a mission to reclaim her--as his wife and in his bed....

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