Other Name: ゆにおん!; Uni On!

Status: Ongoing

Author: SHIRATORI Shirou, Hisasi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

After being kidnapped by an "alien woman" Yuuta developed a severe case of gynoophobia. Having to be in charge of a bath house, Yuuta couldnt be more inconvienienced by this. Just when he was thinking of trying to cure his phobia no matter what, a beautiful girl called Uni suddenly appears in front of him, and thats not all, that girl says shes the daughter of the alien woman who kidnapped and that her mother won an award by investigating him. Her mother feels truly grateful for this so she sent Uni to repay Yuuta with anything he desires and told her not to come back before she does it. What will happen after Yuuta asks her to cure his phobia on the less painful way possible?

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