Uchuu no Sparrow
Uchuu no Sparrow

Uchuu no Sparrow

Other Name: 宇宙のSPARROW; Space Sparrow

Status: Completed

Author: TAKAHASHI Ichirou ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Like a typical teenager, there is nothing Tsubaki Ryuuta wants more than to not stand out from the people around him. Unfortunately, on his way to school one day, he is run over by an alien. The alien promptly resurrects him, but now he has superpowers that he cant control. The alien, now in sparrow form, attempts to help guide him, but theres no way for a kid whos constantly breaking things and has an alien sparrow perched on his shoulder to blend in at school. For his part, the alien is completely bewildered at Ryuutas continuing refusal to use his superpowers to fight crime and evil. Will Ryuuta be able to get over his self-consciousness and embrace his new life?

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