Twinkle Saber Nova
Twinkle Saber Nova

Twinkle Saber Nova

Other Name: ティンクルセイバーNOVA; Teinkuru Saber NOVA; Teinkuru Seiba NOVA; Tinkle Saber NOVA

Status: Ongoing

Author: Fujieda Miyabi ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Hayana and Aoi go to Misaki Academy, where their favorite pastime is to eat at all the local restaurants. Misaki is known for its lax importance on rules, and while that means freedom, it can mean trouble. Hayanas lunch gets interrupted one day by a new club... the World Domination Club! (Theyre starting with the school lunch program and working outwards.) Luckily, Hayana gets some help from one of her teachers and joins the Ally of Justice Club as Twinkle Saber, sworn to defend the lunchtime (and truth and justice along the way) of Misaki Academy against the World Domination Club!

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