Turititi Nagisa
Turititi Nagisa

Turititi Nagisa

Other Name: 波霸钓手; 釣りチチ渚; Tsuri Chichi Nagisa

Status: Ongoing

Author: SATOU Masaki ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Shinta loves nothing more than girls, their school uniform, and their breasts. On the other hand, Shirasu was desperately looking for more members for the Fishing Club. Shinta, as the new transfer student, becomes the target of Shirasu for the Fishing Club. She persistently requests that he join the Fishing Club, but he strongly refuses because he has no interest in fishing. However, his joining of the Fishing Club becomes inevitable when he is saved from bullies by the well known “Tsuri-Chichi” Nagisa, apparently an expert in fishing. She has superb skills in fishing to a point where she can use her fishing rod as a weapon. Strong yet kind and having huge breasts, Nagisa becomes a trigger that changes Shinta’s perspective of fishing as she guarantees that Shinta has the potential of becoming a professional fisher.

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