Tsukiyo no Kokuhaku
Tsukiyo no Kokuhaku

Tsukiyo no Kokuhaku

Other Name: 月夜の告白 ; Married Under the Italian Sun

Status: Completed

Author: Lucy Gordon

Genre: Josei Romance

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Angie has played dumb under the stage name of Angel with her drop-dead gorgeous looks. Freshly divorced from her cheating millionaire ex-husband, she is through with all that and is ready to start a quiet life in a beautiful Italian Villa, an alimony from her ex. But there is one thing that annoys her. Vittorio, the former owner of the estate does not try to hide his disdain for her whom he believes to be a "dumb glamor girl." Disagreeable he may be, she must seek his cooperation to preserve the renowned, "best lemon grove" in Amalfi...

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