Tsuki ni Hoero
Tsuki ni Hoero

Tsuki ni Hoero

Other Name: 月に吠えろ ; Bark at the Moon ; Howl at the Moon ; Kiss Series ; Kisu Dakeja Iya ; Kisu Kara Hajimete ; Kisu Shite Onegai

Status: Completed

Author: Takenaka Sei

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

From Fantasyshrine: Miki is the bodyguard of the super-model, Ran. He’s also the only person who knows that the golden-eyed Ran is in fact a werewolf. Not only does Ran have an animalistic sex-drive, he’s also inhumanly strong. “Then, why does he need me as his bodyguard?” Miki wondered… And then, Ran was stabbed by a fan while protecting Miki... Chapter 1+extra is actually chapter 1 and 2, so dont think ch.2 was skipped. This is also a series of loosely related oneshots, not a single contiguous story. 3) Intoxicated by the Moon 4) LOST 5) Secret 6-8) Start with a Kiss

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