Time Limit! Nina
Time Limit! Nina

Time Limit! Nina

Other Name: タイムリミット!新菜; 超能力天使; Time Limit; Time Limit Nina

Status: Ongoing

Author: HIJIRI Ringo ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Onoda Nina is a 1st year student of her high school. Shes having a serious crush on her senpai, the handsome and kind Atsuhito Ogi. Ogi is the president of the ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) club, and only to win his heart she joins the club. Turns out she has a tough rival, her senpai, Okada Ida who is a beauty and the idol of the school. Ida likes Ogi too and will never let Nina has his way with him. Soon they all find out that Nina actually possesses a powerful ESP, and this makes Ogi pays a lot of attention to her, much to her delight and Idas distress. Thus begins the adventure of Nina and her friends in ESP club, and of course her battles with Ida to win Ogi.

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