Tama Tama! Kingyosou
Tama Tama! Kingyosou

Tama Tama! Kingyosou

Other Name: たまたま! きんぎょ荘; Tama Tama! Kingyo Sou; Tama Tama! Kingyo-sou; Tamatama! Kingyo Sou; Tamatama! Kingyo-sou; Tamatama! Kingyosou

Status: Ongoing

Author: OKANO Konatsu ,

Genre: Comedy Shoujo

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Kitama Tamaki is a young girl who lives with her grandmother, a dorm mother, in a Goldfish Manor, a dorm, in a school. But this is no ordinary dorm! This is a dorm where only handsome boys(Ikemen) are allowed to reside in! Everyday, Tamaki has to put up with her grandmother and the wacky, arrogant but handsome young men who resident in Goldfish Manor! But who is the new, extremely hot and perfect transfer student who comes along? Tamakis life in Goldfish Manor will never be the same!

Chapter - Tama Tama! Kingyosou
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