Sweet Blood (MAMAHARA Ellie)
Sweet Blood (MAMAHARA Ellie)

Sweet Blood (MAMAHARA Ellie)

Other Name: スウィートブラッド

Status: Completed

Author: Mamahara Ellie

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

From Storm in Heaven: Possessing extraordinary detective skills and even helping out at the police department cant be normal, and anyone who knows Uryuu Nanao knows that shes different from the rest. It is this distinctiveness that draws both Karasuma Nozomi and Sakuragawa Nozomi to her despite Nanaos attempts to distance herself from them both. However, a series of murders take place and Nanao is forced to enlist their help in order to unravel the truth behind her fathers murder. Just who is the real mastermind behind the ongoing murders and why are they targeting Nanao? And what is the secret left behind by Nanaos father?

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