Sunao ni Narenai Otokotachi
Sunao ni Narenai Otokotachi

Sunao ni Narenai Otokotachi

Other Name: 素直になれない男たち ; Men Who Cannot be Honest About Their Feelings ; Sunao ni Narenai Otoko tachi ; Sunao ni Narenai Otoko-tachi

Status: Completed

Author: Fujii Sakuya

Genre: Yaoi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

From Fantasyshrine: Suzuki Masami has been painfully aware of his rival in high school swim team, Kashiwazaki Yuichi, ever since Kashiwazaki saved him from drowning. As fate would have it, now they both work in the same company! But unbeknownst to Kashiwazaki, Masami is behind the reason why Kashiwazaki never gets the worms (girls). Will Kashiwazaki realize who’s sabotaging his love life…? The gentleman-like, love story between two rivals. Also included is a love story between a super-handsome foreigner and a chef with a phobia of foreigners (xenophobia).

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