Sunao ja nai Kedo
Sunao ja nai Kedo

Sunao ja nai Kedo

Other Name: 素直じゃないけど ; Im not Honest ; No soy Honesto (Spanish) ; Sunao Jya nai Kedo ; Sunao Jyanai Kedo

Status: Completed

Author: Sakuraga Mei

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

The sequel of Kirai ja nai Kedo, Koi ja nai Kedo and Kare Ja Nai Kedo as the fourth story of the Yuki-Shinonome series. Finally the both of them became a couple, but another obstacle awaits them...?! Shinonome finally made Yuki-chan his boyfriend, but wait... the storm is not over yet. Whos that person whos taking Shinonome away to the counselling room? Is Yuki-chan.... feeling jealous?! And why is Yuki-chans brother here?

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