Suki da Nante Ienai
Suki da Nante Ienai

Suki da Nante Ienai

Other Name: 好きだなんて言えない ; It is not possible to say, I love you

Status: Completed

Author: Souma Jinko

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

From Attractive Fascinante: 1) It Is Not Possible To Say, I Love You After becoming friends with the Yazawa, Kazumi started to develop special feelings for him. Would Yazawa accept Kazumi after he confessed? 2) Lets Start From A Kiss 3) Side By SIde 4) The Future Kiss 5) In The Rain 6) To Become The Wind A collection of Soumas older works that also includes other one-shots with more school boys and salaried men.

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