Shinshikyoutei Wo Musubou
Shinshikyoutei Wo Musubou

Shinshikyoutei Wo Musubou

Other Name: Lets Confirm a Gentlemans Agreement!; Lets Connect the Gentlemans Agreement!; Shinshi Kyoutei wo Musubou!

Status: Ongoing

Author: KOUJIMA Nazuki

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Upon entering Takamanohara Academy Waka meets Moriya, a strange boy who seems to know him, though the feeling isnt mutual. Despite not knowing who Moriya is, Waka feels a strange pull to him. When he gets an invitation to the mysterious "Gentlemans Meeting" he cant help but be fascinated and a little worried all in one. Upon entering the Shrines archways, Wakas future becomes increasingly unclear.

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