Other Name: リベンジ!; Revenge

Status: Completed

Author: Rokuya Sanae

Genre: Yaoi

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

From Attractive Fascinante Chapters 1-5: Revenge Tsujimoto Sensei is well known for "eating up" the students in his class who are failing. Nishihara is called upon to attend the extra classes for the make-up exam. What kind of teaching will go on behind closed doors? Will Nishihara finally pass or will it be Sensei who finally gets "called out"? Chapter 6: Eccentric Lover A writer, Risa, whose hobby is sex and his megane editor, Sakaki. But sometimes hobbies can be more dangerous than they appear. Can our writer be saved? What happens to an editor after he removes his glasses? Chapter 7: Return Man Childhood friends, Kensuke and Naoki, are reunited after 13 years. Is this a meeting of love or revenge?

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