Renai Bus Stop
Renai Bus Stop

Renai Bus Stop

Other Name: 恋愛バスストップ; Love Bus Stop; Renai Bus Stop

Status: Completed

Author: Natsumizu Ritsu

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

A collection of comics Ritsu Natsumizu that takes you through the pure anguish that we sometimes run into. Collection of One Shots: 1) Fantasy Bus Stop ~ Pgs. 4-15 Businessman Tazuki has a deep secret. His secret is that twice a week, while on the bus to work, he has wildly dirty fantasies about another passenger – another businessman whose name he doesn’t even know! -From DMP 2) Love Bus Stop ~ Pgs. 16-31 3) Blame It On Love ~ Pgs. 32-48 4) All My Flowers For You ~ Pgs. 48-64 5) First Kiss ~ Pgs. 64-80 6) Passion Bus Stop ~ Pgs. 80-88 7) Extras ~ Pgs. 88-91

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