Rasetsu no Hana
Rasetsu no Hana

Rasetsu no Hana

Other Name: らせつの花; 罗刹斯之花; 羅剎斯之花; Hoa Hồng Bí Ẩn; Raisetsu; Rasetsu; Rasetsus Flower

Status: Ongoing

Author: Shiomi Chika ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Yakou Hoshino has the ability to create barriers made of water. He then lends his powers to a ‘ghost buster’ company where he meets the agencys only real exorcist, a woman named Rasetsu. Though Rasetsu has mysteries of her own including the fact that she’s cursed by an evil spirit, and that she’s the spitting image of Yurara’s guardian ghost.

Chapter - Rasetsu no Hana
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