Other Name: 怪・力・乱・神クワン; 怪力乱神クワン; Kai・Riki・Ran・Shin Kuwan; Kairikiranshin Kuwan; Quwan

Status: Ongoing

Author: SHIMIZU Aki ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

In the era of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the fall of the Han Dynasty in Ancient China, a strange boy Qwan and his winged companion Teikou are on a quest. In order to find his purpose and the truth of his existence, Qwan is told that he needs to find the holy text, the Essential Arts of Peace. During his journey, he sucks in the body of demons, apparently as his meals. Will this super-strong demon eater locate the texts and discover his destiny?

Chapter - Qwan
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